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2009-05-17 09:22 pm
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Hiking Day

I walked twenty three kilometres today. About fifteen of them bare footed. No, it wasn't a penance for yesterday's dinner accident, it was only warm enough today. We took a wonderful walk!

In other news: I have a couple of dreamwidth invitations. If you want one, just tell me your email addy please!
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2009-05-15 04:44 pm
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Happy Froday!

This is now my very first Froday post and that only because I just happened to get my exhibit done on a Froday. )
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2009-05-07 07:21 pm

First Post

So here we go.
I arrived on the other side.
Or in other words: Thanks to the lovely [profile] hekateriness, I have now a DW account as well. I'm still learning and looking around and it's all a bit confusing.