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aredhelebenesse ([personal profile] aredhelebenesse) wrote2009-05-07 07:21 pm

First Post

So here we go.
I arrived on the other side.
Or in other words: Thanks to the lovely [profile] hekateriness, I have now a DW account as well. I'm still learning and looking around and it's all a bit confusing.
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[personal profile] hekaterine 2009-05-07 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Awww. You're lovely. *hugs*

I'm [profile] kekaterine here. ^_^

Anything I can help with, just holler.
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Oh no, that's not cross posting. Cross posting means posting on various journals at the same time, like with a client for example, with no need for copy and paste. You can check it on this FAQ here that will get to your account settings, where you can set it up. I think some people have had problems with it, though, so tell me if it doesn't work and I'll take a look around for help.

My pleasure to help. :)
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Try log off and log in again? Don't know if I'm saying nonsense.

I'll investigate.
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*hugs you*
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Hallo Süße! Wie du sagst, noch ein bisschen verwirrend ...
Willkommen! *knuddelz*