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aredhelebenesse ([personal profile] aredhelebenesse) wrote2009-05-15 04:44 pm
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Happy Froday!

This is now my very first Froday post and that only because I just happened to get my exhibit done on a Froday.

It is a kind of answer to a question that more or less came up the other day, when my dear friend [personal profile] mechtild posted this picture. It reminds so much of the Blessed Island, but of course there are no elves to see. Also, and more important, the little perian is missing! So where could he be?
But no more questions from now on. I've found Frodo. He drowns his bitter yearning for his loyal friend and light of his life Master Gamgee beyond the sundering seas.
Cheers Frodo and to your health Sam!


His finger is already grown back and I'm sure the scars on his body have healed long ago. Only the scar on his soul is still much too omnipresent.